Wellsboro Camera Club

Two years ago Ed Heaton, Mrs. Heaton and his son were supported photographers as a guest speakers, demonstrators and field study guides for the Grand Canyon Photography Club in Wellsboro. At eighty years of age I could not hope to catch up with this gentleman's professional success. He was one of the finest teachers in any field I have ever studied with.

~Dwaine Gipe

Chasing Waterfalls in the Finger Lakes Region

Great workshop as usual guys. Very helpful in improving my waterfall photography!

~ Richard Spearrin

Chasing Waterfalls in the Finger Lakes Region

Ed and Zach - Thanks for another excellent photography workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed the Finger Lakes Region workshop and learning from you both,  you are the best! I look forward to continue developing my photography skills under your direction.

~ Mark Rudnick

Winter in the Highlands of West Virginia

Ed and Zach taught me so many things from studying the subject before you take a photo of it, too composing that subject and presenting what you want the viewers to see, too editing the photo. It was great having a one on one to learn many new tricks. Plus having these two guys with great personalities sure did make things more simple to understand. Thank you so much.

~ Bob Fescemyer

Southern Utah Workshop

Shooting Star Trails was one of the highlights from my recent trip to Southern Utah on a Photography Workshop with Ed and Zach Heaton.  I arrived a day before the workshop to shoot with Ed and Zach and stayed an extra day longer to go on a Hummer tour to Private Canyon located near Page Arizona.  During the Workshop, we waded and took photos in the Narrows in Zion NP, visited Lower Antelope Canyon near Page, Arizona, shot sunrize in Bryce Canyon NP, and sunrise from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

~ Just Bob

New River Gorge

I learned so many things on your workshop. There were many things I should have known and so much I didn't know. You made a real difference in the quality of my shots! I want to thank both of you for the time you took with me and the patience you had when I was being thick headed.

~ Susan Anderson

New River Gorge

Just wanted to take a minute to say thank you, so much, for a photo trip that exceeded any expectations. You guys were fantastic, stepping in to help in a friendly way, treating us all like your best customers. I was by far the least experienced photographer on the trip, but you never made me feel that way. I had so much fun and learned so much that I'm excited to go practice, inspired that I can take great shots if I use the tools and tips you guys taught me. Hey, I can use a tripod in the dark, just to name one tip! Thanks so much for going above and beyond, and would love to schedule a one-on-one when our schedules can collide!

~ Cathy Jones

Scenic Colorado

I just returned from The Ed Heaton Photography 2016 Colorado Workshop.  I have been an Ed Heaton student for several years and have attended most of his workshops including Tetons, Smokies, West Virginia, and Utah.  Once again Ed has put together a remarkable program of sunrise, mountain landscapes, sunsets,  a ghost town in Ashcfroft, water features and something new, a “drive and shoot” day which was a highlight. On our third day we drove from Aspen to Gunnison with many stops along the way such as Independence Pass, Continental Divide, Twin Lakes, and Aspen Groves in full fall colors. As always, Ed’s passion for the outdoors and his love of teaching photography were unsurpassed. Thanks Ed for another incredible photography experience (and thanks to Zach, he’s terrific!) 
~ Ron R.  - Cincinnati

Springtime in the Tetons

Had an AMAZING time and learned a ton on the Grand Teton Photography Workshop with Ed Heaton this week. I had the opportunity to work with and learn from a group of extremely talented photographers, and I'm so excited about the images I'm bringing home. After a much needed nap this morning due to the 10PM-12AM session shooting the Milky Way last night followed by the 3AM wakeup for sunrise shooting this morning :) I couldn't wait to edit this puppy up. So excited with how it came out...

~ Genevieve Palmer-de Jose

Springtime in the Tetons

I am hanging out in SLC airport, on my way home from visiting the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. I was attending a photography workshop, with instructors Ed Heaton, Kelly Heaton and Zach Heaton . These instructors were knowledgeable and always willing to answer my questions. It was a great learning experience with many early mornings and a few late nights. But it is always worth it. 

Sunrise is my favorite time of the day, and in the Tetons the sunrise is always great. I love watching the sun light up the mountains, waking up the world. If you want to feel your place on this planet, go to the Teton mountains. Stand in one spot, look up and breathe. The mountains have a way of reminding me to “keep my heart young. Don't go growing old before your time has come. You can't take back what you have done. You gotta keep your heart young” (Brandi Carlile lyrics).

I feel like I”m standing on top of the world, and can’t wait to get home to review my photos. 

~ Bobbi Petherick 

It has been quite some time since I have commented on your work.  I had a few extra moments today to scroll through your Blog.  I LOVE YOUR WORK!  I look at your images and can “feel”  them.  I can actually feel the crisp air  as I gaze at the Appleseed Hollow studio.  I can hear the clip-clop of the horse in “Horse&Buggy”, and I can imagine the spiritual rejuvenation of gazing out over the “Snake River Overlook”.   I am inspired.  Thank you! 


~ Helen Kelleher

Springtime on the Tetons

Last week I attend Ed Heaton’s “SPRINGTIME IN THE TETONS” 
Photographic workshop, truly a great experience, learned much for Ed and Kelly.
I traveled and worked with three beautiful, talented, and strong woman. I also learned from them:

-Bill Bunton

I recently returned home from the Springtime in the Tetons workshop.   Ed and Kelly are fantastic instructors!  They are passionate, patience and knowledgable photographers, who took the time to explain things.  I left this workshop with a lot of valuable information and a few life lessons learned.  I am looking forward to my next workshop this fall.  Thank you for a great experience! 


~ Bobbi Petherick

Churchville Photography Club Lecture

Hi Ed,

Thanks for suggesting I attend your talk on Monday evening. I consider composition to be the most challenging part of photography and I am always looking for ways to improve. I have been to a few seminars and read to many books on the subject and have never been happy with the result. I was really impressed with your presentation on Monday at Churchville. I think it is the best composition seminar I have ever attended and the pictures perfectly illustrated each of the subjects you were covering. It was really a good session. You should publish.

-Clarence "Crash" King

Southern Utah Workshop

Ed & Kelly,

I enjoyed the experience.  Thanks to you and Ed for making me feel like part of the group.  I feel like I gained a lot of knowledge from you guys and the rest of the group on how to approach landscape photography and some of the technical issues on getting the shot.  In addition I got a good workout.  I'm looking for an opportunity to join you in 2015 at one of the workshop near home.  I've started to work through the images from last week and have found a few that are keepers.

-Vince Kranz

New River Gorge Photo Tour

Ed and Kelly

Just wanted to say thank you.  Pam and I had a wonderful time this past weekend.  We both learned so much on the trip to Oak Hill Wva.  We will be signing up for future trips with you.  We both learned things to improve are photography skills.  

-Ink & Pam Byers

 Springtime in the Smokies
Dear Ed,
First off, let me thank you again for the wonderful workshop you ran last week. As usual you got us to some excellent sites for taking images, helped us find the right composition, prodded us to find a better viewpoint and assisted this old man over slippery rocks and steep inclines. Your suggestions for the extra time I had turned out to be just the thing. I went to Cades Cove again on Thursday afternoon and tried to capture the mill and some of the other buildings. The light was a bit too strong for the mill but at least I got something.
Just as an aside I learned that the cages we saw along the river were for capturing wild boar. I guess they transport them somewhere out of the park.
On Friday morning I got up early (4:00 am) and went to Clingman's Dome. The sunrise was spectacular but not quite as dramatic as the sunrise on Sparks Lane. I'll share some of the images with you once I get them developed.
Thanks for the tip about the new version of Nik software. I've downloaded it and have begun to use it.
The best thing I can say about your trips is that I have gone on the same one several times--Grand Tetons and I intend to go to Southern Utah. I know how thoroughly you search out the sites and times to photograph at each of the places that you run workshops and that effort has always gotten me some memorable images. I know that I would not be disappointed if I enrolled in one that you had not offered before. In fact I'm looking forward to it.
I've got lots of editing to do, panoramas to stitch together and HDR images to process. Thanks again.


- Rich Howland


 Longwood Gardens Workshop

It was an extreme pleasure to meet you both Sunday at Longwood Gardens. The workshop was all and more than I was hoping for. With Ed's masterful techniques and very friendly approach and Kelly's artistic composition bringing up my photographic skills a notch and being more inspired was given a breath of fresh air. When I arrived home my wife was in awe of the images that I had taken. 

- Donald Fluck


 Appleseed Hollow and Strasburg Railroad
Just returned from the Workshop at Appleseed Hollow, had a wonderful time and got some really good advice from Ed. He put us in the right place and helped us make the most of the available shots. Thanks much Ed, it was a great experience, have to go back for that shot at the Carpenter crossing!

- Frank Gavigan 


 Babcock Photo Workshop 2012
"Hey Ed ... just wanted to say thank you for a great workshop experience in West Virginia at Babcock. You and Kelly both have an excellent eye for pointing out potential compositions while on location. It was great exploring a new area ... 

- Ed Farmer



 Cape May Workshop
Ed, I just wanted to thank you and Kelly for another great workshop. Mike and I enjoyed it and has always left learning more. We can't wait to the fall workshop. I think I have some good photo's from the weekend, but will be practicing my dept of field. Thanks again!

- Maryann DAgostino 



 Smoky Mts Tour
I recently returned from Ed and Kelly Heaton's Smoky Mts. tour. I learned from them and found it to be a totally enjoyable experience. I encourage any photographer either experienced or novice to take part in their tours. They do a great job of scouting the best photogenic areas and are very adaptable the needs of their attendees.

- Gary R. Smith 



 Smoky Mountains Workshop
Hi Ed and Kelly..I just got home and started going through my photos...I'm amazed at how many keepers I have. I have been on many workshops and I am so glad Sandy told me about you. She is right...You and Kelly are the best!! This was an amazing trip, it was apparent that you know this area very well as the locations were outstanding. I can't thank you enough for all the help you gave me and I will never forget the yellow tow rope and the photo I got. I learned a lot, got amazing photos and had a terrific time. You will be seeing me again. Jean

- Jean Thomas

 I wanted to thank you and Ed for making Bills photography experience so enjoyable and educational. It was fun to talk with him each evening as he described the days experiences and locations. It was clear, our Christmas gift was well spent in this.

- Ginger Barthel  

 The Smokies workshop was really enjoyable. You and Ed do a fine job.

- Gary Smith  

 Photo Tours!
I have just returned from my second photo tour led by Ed Heaton ( assisted by Kelly Heaton). The first tour was in Wyoming the second in West Virginia. I was very impressed by their ability to give assistance to photographers with varying degrees of expertise. Both beginners like me and the more advanced came away benefitting from Ed's workshops.
Being a teacher all my life, I recognize that Ed not only is very knowledgeable in his field, but he is also an excellent teacher. He was very patient and gave lots of attention and encouragement to the people in his group. Not only did I get some great pictures, but I learned a great deal.
Tom D'Emic 

- Tom D'Emic 


Grand Tetons
First of all, it was a wonderful time in the Grand Tetons with you and all of the rest of the photographers. Thanks for all the hard work that went into developing the tour (and the fun too).


- Rich Howland 

 I am still catching my breath from a fabulous photo tour with Ed Heaton to The Tetons in Wyoming. Ed is a very talented and knowledgeable photographer and instructor. He knows the technical aspects as well as being creative with a vision. He gives individual attention to his participants, as much or as little as you would like, but he checks in to “see how things are going”. No question is a dumb question and he is ready to answer all of them. He explains how to approach different situations encountered in the field. Ed is fun and friendly with a great sense of humor. His passion for photography is definitely contagious. I highly recommend his workshops and photo tours. I have known Ed for a number of years and taken many workshops and intend to take more in the future. I always come away having learned something new and having fun.
Nancy Thorington

- Nancy T.  

What a trip to the Tetons! I learned so much in such a short time. Thank you again for your time and sharing the knowledge! I'm sure I will do another tour with you.

- Ben Rubin  

 Dear Ed and Kelly, 
What a great week in the Tetons and Yellowstone! I couldn't have asked for more. You have inspired me to make my photography better. Thanks too for your encouraging words about Ben. How about this...he's shooting a wedding in two weeks and asked dear old dad to be his second shooter! 
Your friend in Cincinnati, Ron Rubin

- Ron Rubin  

 Ed & Kelly,
What a fantastic workshop in the Grand Tetons. It was the most amazing scenery I have ever photographed. I am so impressed how well you had scouted out the major areas in advance so we could capture the scenes in the most ideal light. I had such a great time and learned so much. Many thanks.

- Harry Goodman  


 Cape May Workshop
Mike and I wanted to thank you and Kelly for a great workshop. We feel that the workshop was informative and very hands on. We walked away feeling more confident and believe our pictures show the improvement from your advise, assistance and demonstration. Thanks again, we look forward to the next workshop with you and Kelly.

- Maryann DAgostino 


Smokies Tour
Ed and Kelly, Thank you for a truly wonderful workshop in the Smoky Mountains! What a great week of learning! YOU ROCK!

- Vicki Miorelli


 Cheltenham Camera Club
Here are a few comments from my presentation :
-Ed is very knowledgeable and is able to communicate his knowledge and skills to the audience with ease. He anticipated many of our questions and gave clear distinct answers.

-Ed is an excellent photographer who readily shares his successful photographic practices. It was a terrific presentation!

-Thank you for the choice of Ed Heaton as a speaker at last night night's meeting. During the last several years of my CCC membership I can't remember when I enjoyed a presentation as much as I did Ed's.
He answered and explained some very difficult composition and lighting questions.

- Bill Jordan 


 Harve de Grace
This being my second of your workshops I've taken -- and my second time around learning a lot -- thanks for your personal touch, and, "wait-a-minute, let's-see-what-you're-doing," instructional way! I hope, in the future, I'll be able to take one of your longer workshops.

- Stephen Richardson 


 Havre de Grace Workshop
Thanks again for a great instructional session in Havre de Grace. My expectations for the event was quite high and I am delighted to say that they were all met! I feel like I learned a ton

- Jessica Zubrod 

 Dear Ed and Kelly,

While this note is far overdue, my appreciation for a wonderful evening of learning in Havre de Grace is no less sincere. Please know that I enjoyed the time and the opportunity to learn from you both. Am looking forward to signing up for another workshop when our schedule affords some time.

- Janet Holguin


 Longwood Gardens
Ed & Kelly, Thanks again for another wonderful workshop. I think this is like my 10th one or so and each time I learn something new. You are the best and I always look forward to the next one. See ya at Havre de Grace.

- Cheryl Eckenroth


 Harper's Ferry Workshop
Hi Ed-
You (and Kelly, too!) gave us such a great weekend in Harper's Ferry. You are an attentive, encouraging and always 'there' teacher. I can't believe how many shots I got that work really well...and how much I learned. I hear your voice, "Not merges" in my ear whenever I pick up my camera.

Thank you thank you!


- Sarah D. Perreten 


 Big Winners
John and I wanted to thank you for your fine presentations and critiques during the macro workshop.

AS a result John and I had literally hundreds of images to play with and print out.

John has some contacts with the Maryland Orchard Society and their organizers. Suzie Spicer of the Society invited John and I to submit 3 Color and 3 Black and White prints each. We did and they went on display at the orchard show at the Maryalnd State Fairgrounds in Timiniounm MD as part of the Annual Maryland Home and Garden Show last Wednesday. We had no expectations of winning anything, but....

I scored 1st place in color,1st place in black and white, a second in black and white and John scored a second place in color. A good sweep for our team. I did most of the printing on our Epson 9900 an John and his wife did all the framing and mounting. The Best In Show went to a professional photographer... oh well.

I would say a good part of our success was the lecture on technique you presented the first night. The new tripods helped a lot too.

So I would have to say that your seminar and the good people of Parkside Orchards have let us produce a lot of winners.

- Bruce and John Burgess 


 Calumet Workshop
Hello Ed,
Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this weekends Parkside workshop. You were exactly what I needed to improve my photographs. You didn't hesitate to assist and spent all the time needed to answer my questions . I hope to be able to attend more workshops led by you! Look forward to learning more from you in the future! 

- Erich Wendel 


 Calumet Workshop
Hi Ed,
Wanted to thank you profusely for your training this weekend at Parkside! You were available, informative, humble and unassuming. I am a self-taught photo newbie, and I found myself inwardly kicking and screaming about the discipline and need to slow down , which you were gently suggesting But when I got home and reviewed my pictures, I could definitely see that you were right on. You have a great teaching style because you gave me 'space' to work things out (or not), but were totally and patiently available. Thank you. I look forward to studying with you again and will certainly 'sing your praises' to perspective students.

- dana hayne 


 Acadia Workshop
I just spent a fantastic workshop with Ed, Kelly and Gordon. We were blessed with great weather and excellent guidance. I have taken numerous workshops with Ed and always learn something new. I look forward to many more outings.

- Nancy Thorington


  Valley Forge Workshop

Thank you Ed and Kelly for the awesome workshop at Valley Forge.. I appreciate the locations you showed us and for setting up shots and trying out a new technique. You guys are great~

- Mary Brooks-Brown 


 Valley Forge Workshop
Thank you Ed for another outstanding workshop. You & Kelly are very well educated in photography and have the rare ability to teach. Thank you for sharing your talents!

- Beth Christman


 Valley Forge Work Shop
Hey Ed! Thanks so much for the work shop! It was great meeting you and Kelly. This was my first work shop of any kind. Though I didnt have many questions, I did come away with a few reminders and some new knowledge. I enjoyed the casual atmosphere. It was like hanging out with some photography friends that I've known for a long time. You and Kelly made it very comfortable and welcoming.

- Gary Sagnor


 Havre de Grace
Hi Ed- This was my first photo workshop with you and I really enjoyed it. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from a photo workshop, but yours was not what I imagined. The atmosphere was very laid back and we were allowed to use our own creative eye. You and Kelly were not intrusive, demanding , or pushy. We were allowed to make images of whatever we wanted and could turn to you and Kelly for assistance. I really appreciated how the two of you took time to interact with everyone personally and also help us out technically. The other workshop participants were also very easy going, helpful and friendly. It felt like we all knew each other for years and were just spending an afternoon together taking pictures and sharing our knowledge and experiences.

I look forward to attending many more of your photo workshops.

- Kalena Champlin


 Havre de Grace Workshop
This was my third workshop with Ed Heaton and, I truly enjoyed every one of them. Ed possesses a vast knowledge of photography and a talent for clearly conveying that knowledge to each and every student in a way they can understand. Working with his wife Kelly they provide a perfect ratio of instructors to students. The workshops are very people oriented, low stress, and quite enjoyable. I highly recommend his workshops.

- Jack Kramer 


 Havre de Grace MD
Ed, It's always a pleasure doing workshops with you. I have learned so much from the many workshops I have taken with you and it really has helped me with my composition and my photographic eye. Thanks for being there.

- Cheryl Eckenroth 


 Havre de Grace/Lancaster Co.
Ed- having taken two workshops from you has been an excellent learning experience for me. Not only have I picked up several key tips, but I also had a fun time. Your low-key, personable and supportive demeaner helps to make your workshops so successful.

- Harry Goodman 

 Harper's Ferry Workshop
The individual attention given in this workshop was just what I needed. You can read all about it in books and magazines, hear all about it at seminars, but having an expert guide you in the field through the process of taking a good photo from composition to technique was invaluable. Thank, Ed

- Gerri Wilson 

 Hi Ed ...
Thank you for coming to B&H and spent sometime with us. Every time I come to a workshop, I always learn something new even when the topic is a familiar one. You have a magnificent gallery here, I love the color and composition on your images. Well Done!


- Hendy Wijaya  

 Harper's Ferry workshop
Thank you, Ed, for your patience and great photo educational opportunities. Being with you is a constant learning experience. You are a gentleman. Your style, knowledge, and experience enabled the participants of the Harper's Ferry workshop to grow significantly in composition knowledge and capability. Thank you!

- Bob Kuhn